Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose

Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose

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 Winemaker Notes

 This pale pink wine brings a full bouquet of pleasing floral aromas with hints of red berry, artfully crafted with a blend of white wine made from Chardonnay and Glera grapes and a red varietal, Malbec. Its flavor is delicate, but vibrant and well rounded, remaining on the palate and making this a deliciously easy-drinking wine.

FOOD PAIRINGS: A tasty, aromatic aperitif, and an exciting companion for your food explorations: savory Italian appetizers, complex seafood dishes, and spicy, exotic seasoning of East Asian cuisines.

GRAPES: Chardonnay, Glera, Malbec

ORIGIN: Hilly area in the province of Treviso and Eastern area in the province of Venice


The blending of a fine Sparkling Rosé wine is a delicate art, and Santa Margherita is proud to share this masterpiece. We start with a white wine made from the Glera grapes used to produce Prosecco, then add Chardonnay and a small amount of Malbec to add color and richness. This tantalizing blend undergoes a month-long second fermentation followed by six months of maturation in pressurized tanks. Only then is this dry, sparkling wine ready to serve and enjoy.


1. The Coat of Arms of the Marzotto family is on the neckband of every bottle of the delicious Sparkling Rosé. In 1935, the Marzotto family founded Santa Margherita, and it has been contributing to the international success of premium quality Italian wine for over 80 years.

2. Santa Margherita loves the bees: we avoid cutting the grass between the rows of vines while the grapes are growing to protect the work of bees and other pollinating insects.

3. Santa Margherita is vegan-friendly and has eliminated the use of all animal by-products during filtration.

4. Santa Margherita recycles grape skins, which further reduces waste


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