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Winemaker Notes

Merlot grapes for this vintage were grown in several of Lodi’s sub-appellations including Alta Mesa, Sloughhouse, Mokelumne River, and Jahant. These different locations provide diverse soils and climate that, when combined, create a more complex wine than coming from one vineyard alone. Ironstone practices sustainable viticulture, such as crop reduction, leaf removal, organic materials and drip irrigation to improve the quality of the grapes and intensity of flavors. Cover crops, which attract beneficial insects, are also employed, as well as the placement of owl and wood duck boxes around the vineyards and ponds to help preserve the surrounding habitats. The wine spends two months’ aging in new French oak.

Serving Hints
Vegan friendly. The softer, fleshier “fruit-forward” nature of this wine makes it a perfect accompaniment to baked pasta dishes such as lasagna, spicy rice dishes like jambalaya, hearty bean dishes with bacon or smoked ham, roast turkey and even grilled salmon or other dense fish, in tomato- based sauces.

Bursting with luscious fruit and soft tannins, for excellent drinkability. Rich, ripe black cherry and black plums lead to a hint of vanilla and toast. Flavors of currants with juicy dark fruit and spicy cedar ends with rounded, well-balanced and complex finish.